Nigeria Country Code For WhatsApp: (+234)

When it comes to using WhatsApp to communicate with friends, family, or colleagues in Nigeria, it’s important to understand the country code for the region. The Nigeria country code for WhatsApp is (+234), and knowing how to correctly dial a Nigerian phone number is essential for staying connected with individuals in the country.

Country codes are integral components of phone numbers, helping users identify which country a particular number is registered in. These codes are crucial for making international calls, sending messages, or using communication apps like WhatsApp.

What is Nigeria’s Country Code?

The Nigeria country code, +234, is used as a prefix when dialing Nigerian phone numbers. When using WhatsApp to message or call someone in Nigeria, the country code must be entered before the local phone number to properly connect the call.

How Many Area Codes are there in Nigeria?

Nigeria has 58 area codes that are used to designate specific regions within the country. These area codes are a crucial part of Nigerian phone numbers and are essential for making local and international calls to different parts of Nigeria.

S/N Area Name Area Code
1 Aba (0)82
2 Abakaliki (0)43
3 Abeokuta (0)39
4 Abuja (0)9
5 Ado-Ekiti (0)30
6 Agbor (0)55
7 Ahoada (0)86
8 Akure (0)34
9 Asaba (0)56
10 Auchi (0)57
11 Awka (0)48
12 Azare (0)71
13 Bauchi (0)77
14 Benin (0)52
15 Birnin-Kebbi (0)68
16 Calabar (0)87
17 Enugu (0)42
18 Gombe (0)72
19 Gusau (0)63
20 Hadejia (0)78
21 Ibadan (0)2
22 Ijebu-Ode (0)37
23 Ikare (0)50
24 Ile-Ife (0)36
25 Ilorin (0)31
26 Jalingo (0)79
27 Jos (0)73
28 Kaduna (0)62
29 Kafanchan (0)61
30 Kano (0)64
31 Katsina (0)65
32 Kontagora (0)67
33 Lafia (0)47
34 Lagos (0)1
35 Lokoja (0)58
36 Maiduguri (0)76
37 Makurdi (0)44
38 Minna (0)66
39 New Bussa (0)33
40 Ogoja (0)45
41 Okitipupa (0)59
42 Onitsha (0)46
43 Oshogbo (0)35
44 Owerri (0)83
45 Owo (0)51
46 Oyo (0)38
47 Pankshin (0)70
48 Port Harcourt (0)84
49 Sapele (0)54
50 Sokoto (0)60
51 Ubiaja (0)55
52 Umuahia (0)88
53 Uyo (0)85
54 Warri (0)53
55 Wukari (0)41
56 Yenagoa (0)89
57 Yola (0)75
58 Zaria (0)69

Format of Nigerian Phone Numbers with Examples

When it comes to Nigerian phone numbers, it’s essential to understand the format and structure to correctly save and use them on communication platforms like WhatsApp.

Nigerian phone numbers typically consist of the country code, area code, and local phone number. For example, a mobile number in Nigeria may look like this: +234 80X XXX XXXX. The country code, +234, is followed by the mobile network code (MNC) and the subscriber number.

How to Create a Link in WhatsApp using Nigeria Country Code

To create a clickable link in WhatsApp using a Nigerian phone number, the link should follow a specific format. The link must start with “” followed by the full phone number, including the Nigeria country code.

For example, to create a link for a Nigerian phone number, it should be in the format: This enables users to click the link and directly message or call the Nigerian contact through WhatsApp.

Country Code for WhatsApp in Nigeria

WhatsApp has become an integral part of communication in Nigeria, allowing individuals to exchange messages, make calls, and share media seamlessly. With the widespread use of smartphones and the internet, WhatsApp has revolutionized the way Nigerians connect with each other, bridging communication gaps across the country.

Understanding the Nigeria country code for WhatsApp is essential for effectively communicating with individuals in the country. The country code, +234, serves as a prefix when dialing Nigerian phone numbers on the WhatsApp platform. By incorporating the appropriate country code, users ensure that their messages and calls reach the intended recipients in Nigeria.

In conclusion, +234, plays a vital role in enabling seamless communication through WhatsApp within the country. By familiarizing themselves with the country code and the format of Nigerian phone numbers, users can maximize the potential of WhatsApp for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues in Nigeria.