How to Hide Your Number When Making Calls

Looking for a way to call someone in Nigeria without revealing your number? In this simple guide, we’ll outline the process for hiding your number when making a phone call in Nigeria.

Have you ever received a phone call and can’t seem to get the number calling you or even identify it? Contrary to the popular belief that hiding numbers when calling is used majorly by scammers, criminals, and hackers, you may need it to protect your privacy in some situations.

Dial #31# before the phone number to hide your caller ID.

Hiding your number before making a call from Nigeria is easy enough. All you have to do is enter #31# in the dialer before entering the phone number you call. This simple code will mask your caller ID, allowing you to call anonymously.

Once you receive a response, disclose your identity so the other side knows who they are speaking with, or say nothing about it if you want to stay anonymous. This method works for all networks, from MTN and Glo to Airtel and 9mobile.

For example, if your phone number is 08054678912, you would enter #31#08054678912 in your dialer and use it anytime you intend to hide your number when making calls in Nigeria. It will show as “unknown caller” or “private number” on the recipient’s phone.

When using this code to call in Nigeria, your name or number won’t show even on popular caller ID apps like truecaller, hiya, and showcaller. It’s the best and most effective out of the techniques to hide your number mentioned in this article.

smartphone with unknown caller

Check whether caller ID is automatically turned on for outgoing calls

Before hiding your number using the code above, it’s essential to ensure that caller ID isn’t automatically turned on for outgoing calls. Some Android and iOS devices may have this feature enabled by default, so it’s worth double-checking this before making a call.

To check whether caller ID is enabled, open your dialer settings and look for a setting that mentions hiding or displaying telephone numbers when placing calls. Make sure to turn off any such settings before taking the extra step of entering in *#31# when dialing out.

Try activating Caller ID blocking through an individual telecom provider’s system.

Depending on your local network provider, the quickest, most straightforward way to hide your number when making calls may be to use the system specific to that telecom company. Many cell carriers in Nigeria offer services for hiding numbers which, if enabled, start blocking your caller ID as soon as you phone someone.

Typically this requires an activation code or service request from you before using it. There’s often no need to dial a code before each call either once you’ve activated the service—your number will be blocked until you decide to switch it off.

Use privacy features such as data masking, call forwarding, and voice encryption.

An additional layer of security can be set up using a data and call masking service to hide your number on a call. These services provide much stronger encryption and protection than network-based solutions, as they work with multiple carriers to re-route calls through secure connections.

In addition, some of these services offer other features, such as voice encryption and auto-delete messages, making it even more difficult for hackers or individuals to access your conversation.


There are various reasons why you may need to block your phone number when calling in Nigeria; whether it’s to protect your info from scammers and hackers, to prank a loved one, or any other reasons, this article has provided you with different efficient methods you can utilize. Now that you know this, masking y our number should be a doddle.

However, you should note that your number can still be seen when you call toll-free lines and security agencies like the police, EFCC, ICPC, etc., even after hiding it on your phone.