Microsoft Teams Voice for Business and Call Center Solutions

Fully Managed Voice Solutions for Microsoft Teams

Whether you are a business looking to deliver easy voice to your MS Teams users, or an ITSP or MSP looking to grow your business into Microsoft environments, ConnectSIP Limited Voice for MS Teams is your solution.

Microsoft Licensing and its related services and tools have become firmly entrenched in day-to-day workflows of most companies and employees. Microsoft Teams in particular has seen massive adoption with the rise of hybrid and remote work. Companies looking to maximize their Microsoft investment can migrate telephony services into Microsoft Teams and see numerous financial and organizational benefits.

Cost Effective Voice Solution For MS Teams

On average, enterprises will save up to 50% off of Microsoft's Calling Plans. Get quality voice communications for MS Teams, with NO license or channel costs, or hardware or software.

Take Your Extension With You

Give MS Teams users the freedom of working remote, from the office, or anywhere enabling them to make and receive calls using their existing work extension.

Share Service Across Your MS Teams Users

Don’t be forced into buying a calling plan for every MS Teams user. We let you share service across as many or as few of your users without any additional costs.

Explore the benefits of migrating to Microsoft Teams Voice

Eliminate costly phone equipment purchase / rental costs.

Your employees can utilize the Teams mobile and desktop applications for their everyday phone calls.

Simplify IT management.

Why make your IT admins manage and support another application for phone calls when it can be migrated into Microsoft Teams?

Simplify end-user adoption

With Teams being widely adopted for messaging and meetings, employees can rapidly adopt Teams for phone calls with minimal onboarding and training.

Evolve into a modern voice solution for remote and hybrid work.

Employees can work from anywhere while maintaining a high level of productivity.

Microsoft Teams-enabled devices

Calling through the MS Teams desktop and mobile applications provides flexibility and convenience, but ConnectSIP Limited recognizes that most organizations will still need some physical phones.

ConnectSIP Limited offers Microsoft Teams-enabled handsets from Poly, Yealink, and AudioCodes.

  • Predictable OpEx or purchase models available.
  • Devices come preloaded with Microsoft Teams User Interface.
  • Simplified deployment and user activation process.
  • Perfect for hybrid workplaces.
  • Devices visible in MS Teams admin center for troubleshooting and analytics.